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Lace Wars 1730 - 1760

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    My C18th re-enactment group are currently recruiting around the UK and Europe, so if you fancy trying a weekend as one of King George IIs Redcoats, a Jacobite Rebel or a French Regular please get in touch.

    Lace Wars was set up by a group of seasoned re-enactors to recreate the period 1730-1760, with emphasis on the 1745 Jacobite rebellion and The War of Austrian Succesion. We now welcome experienced re-enactors as well as those new to the hobby. We are a family friendly society and describe ourselves as a living history group that does skirmishes rather than a group that concentrates on battles.
    Our events are held across the UK and Europe. We work for large organisations such as The National Trust, English Heritage, and The National Trust for Scotland as well as many independent sites. We also work with TV/film companies and museums, it is us that you will see in the film in the surround screen film at the Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre.

    We offer a “Try before you buy” week end where you can come along, borrow kit and experience an event before making the decision to join. We’ll even feed you.

    Within Lace Wars we have groups that recreate; British Redcoats, Mounted Dragoons, the British Navy, Irish and Scottish troops in French service, Jacobite Highlanders, Lowlanders and English. Our living history camps are open all day where there are soldiers, their wives and children’s, cooks, sutlers, surgeons, and other people attached to or supplying the armies of King George II and Prince Charles Edward Stewart (Bonnie Prince Charlie).
    Within our skirmishes we use the drill and tactics of the last civil war and battles fought on British soil.

    We pride ourselves on accuracy and knowledge of the period and have members who independently lecture on the period. So if there is some thing you want to know we can put you in touch with the right person. We will help you source or make your costume and assist you with the research into the your particular interest and individual you want to portray.

    For more information please contact us through our web site

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