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ww2 tank battle in Atlanta

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  • ww2 tank battle in Atlanta

    OMG, this is awsome, the Army is staging public reenactment battles to celebrate its birthday, all the museums are sending their running ww2 tanks to Atlanta Ga June 18-19 so far the allied side has 4 Shermans and one Stewart and numerous M20 and halftracks many jeeps and trucks the Axis has two Hetzers a Stug III and a PzKpw Mk III, Sdkfz 251, kubels ,opel blitzes, motorcycles etc. reenactors who preregister will be given 100 rds of free blanks Dealine may 31, here is a URL there will be living history encampments and many motels for you Ramada rangers
    join us in ww2 Reenactment especially German Army, and enjoy the Kameraderie

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    That sounds really cool. You HAVE to get some pictures and post them here after it's happened.

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