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    British Group, one of the best RAF Groups around (so i`ve just been told).


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      At The Front

      Originally posted by Larkin View Post
      Any groups near Virginia? I chacked the sites, but couldn't find a local unit.

      Google: At the Front Militaria

      They have a link to WWII events and reenacting units. There are several US Army groups in Virginia including the 29th ID and 51st Engineers which are rather large groups. If you want to do any other impression, you will find them on this site.

      Good luck.
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        Hi All,
        This year will mark the official 6th Birthday of this successful International group (SB UK, SB Germany ,SB USA and Rockape Roadshow).
        The group Is now part of AFRA and will be taking part in their events.
        We'll also be taking part in Official RAF Regt events and supporting their displays.

        We're still portraying to the highest standards and realistically-
        RAF Regiment, Armoured Car Companies,
        RAF Glider Pilots and Glider Pilot Regt,
        RAF Police and Security Police,
        RAF Servicing Commandos,
        RAF Ground Gunners, (as featured in Britain at War).
        RAF Fighter Command,
        RAF Bomber Command & Pathfinder force,
        RAF Desert Air Force,
        RAF SEAC,
        RAF Medical, Aeromedical, Air Ambulance and Mobile Field Hospital,
        RAF Beach Liason Units ,
        RAF Air Sea Rescue,
        RAF Mountain Rescue,
        RAF Coastal Command,
        WAAF & PMRAFNS.

        Plus a Plethora of WW2 British military and wartime Allied Forces.
        We are currently recruiting for active keen members and can be contacted through this forum, or or ... 807&ref=ts

        The International group is made up from Very serious collectors and living historians that take 100% effort and pride in everything they do.
        We work as a team to get the best job done for the benefit of all involved.
        We do both Living History and WW2 events/ Displays. (Working as SoldierBlue and or the Rockape Roadshow).

        Per Ardua!

        When Death Smiles at us, all we can do is smile back and say " Does your Mum know you're Gay"?


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          13e Demi Brigade de la Legion Etrangere (DBLE)
          French Indochina War reenacting Unit
          In Texas , USA

          www . legionetrangere . us
          Légion étrangère en Indochine 1946-54
          guerre d'Indochine française reconstitution historique du groupe


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            I'm trying to find a group located in North Carolina for WWII Soviet, but no luck so far...the only ones I've found were dead links...
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              Thank you for educating the public and keeping the past alive, reenactors!


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