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Models never talk back or argue Grrrrr

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  • Models never talk back or argue Grrrrr

    Today once again, models outperform all my other hobbies.

    I had company over, a f**king great day from noon till 10 at night.

    Pity I had not ended it at 9:45.

    Installed too A/C units, did lunch, bunch of socializing then role gamed from 5:30 onwards.

    But one of my friends is a difficult person to dispute things with. His a large fellow, and I guess he's got a lifetime of his way or else thinking style.
    I suspect this is a common curse for people 6 foot too much and more that 250 pounds of mass. Solve any argument by use of brute force.

    Just a minor interpretation of a game mechanic. But he's forceful. Telling him no is never really an option of much worth.

    So it was something of a scene.

    Grrrr, never have this problem making models. It's just me and the plastic.

    I am considerably bummed out at the moment and likely will be for a couple of days. It makes me want to walk away from running games for a bit almost.
    Can't, I have a game to host on Tues (different group though fortunately).

    I wouldn't have the same problem with damn near anyone else. But damn near no one else has quite the same capacity to be a problem.
    My friend does a lot for me routinely. Thus my plight ranks up there with not being able to tear into a gamer friend if they are also your boss at work for instance.

    The same day the difficult buddy, also delivered one of the A/C units, of which he generously paid half of for me. Oh yeah like I am going to enjoy an argument with him. The man is routinely generous too me.
    Some days I really despise my lousy income and lame ability to do much of anything on my own. Always being in someone's debt is not good for the psyche.

    Some days I just want to go into hermit mode with my models.
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.

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    That's a fact about models giving no lip. About the only other thing that holds true to that is my dog.
    "You listen to the ol' Pork Chop Express on a dark and stormy night......"


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