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  • IIIIIIncredible Luck!!

    Ok I just accomplished a round peg in a square hole moment

    The scene, Tamiya Lancaster bomber, 1/48th scale, disaster is not an option, me and this model have too much history together.

    Working on the wing assemblies.

    Originally I had planned to display it hung from ceiling in flight mode (I rarely like doing landing gear). Not sure if I had assembled the engine nacelles assuming the undercarriage was not going to happen. But anyway, I have done a great deal of work on the nacelles in clean up. Removing them was a never going to happen reality.

    Soooo I just completed the undercarriage assemblies as I had changed my mind and plan to display it on the ground (eventually in a nice custom plexigalss box display).

    Now normally landing gear is no biggie to assemble. Not so with this Lanc. It's something of a convoluted box looking contraption.
    Aaaaaand it didn't look like assembling it AFTER the nacelles was ever meant to happen (which I realized to my horror upon confirming with the instructions).

    Soooo being able to insert the completed landing gear assembly into a very impossible (it would seem at first glance) location wasn't looking likely.

    But the gear is made of of a number of struts etc all that bend rather nicely (otherwise this wasn't going to happen).

    But dang I managed it hehe
    I think this ranks as my most impossible feat in all my years of making models.

    Got any stories of doing the impossible guys?
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.

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    I have seen these gear assemblies I step back in fear good going LB HOPE WE SEE IT SOON
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      You know luck had nothing to do with it. Pure skill
      "At some point, we've all parked in the wrong garage."- Roger Sterling, Jr.


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        I agree with Dane. I would have had it in several or more pieces trying that.
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          ..back in the day, the frustration of that would have me inhaling rather deeply of the attachment nectar...
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            You can view my success in my gallery thread
            Life is change. Built models for decades.
            Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
            I didn't for a long time either.


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