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  • State of the Union err I mean workbench :)

    In the last few days I have enjoyed some rather unexpected successes on the model making front.

    All in 1/72nd scale too (I was expecting to work for an hour and declare 'garbage!' and then toss it to move to the next old subject).

    But nope, things have gone rather nicely.

    Finished (yes I said completed) my Matchbox (yes said Matchbox) which is actually 1/76th scale, SAS Jeep (which is a cool mirror to the Tamiya one in 1/35th scale). It originally came with a 30cwt Chevy (which I miss alot) which had also been 'completed' but died in the great shelf disaster back around 92 (lost a lot of 72nd 76th that day). Pity, as I also have the Tamiya 1/35th 30cwt Chevy that could make the ultimate dual scale display match up.

    At any rate, it is currently on display at Hobbies and Beyond under glass guys if you want a peek. Otherwise I'd attempt some pictures.
    I'm calling it the father son effect Big vehicle and little vehicle match ups. Now there's a challenge for you guys, do two kits of the exact same thing two scales.

    So the jeep got me off to the races and I zoomed right through my Matchbox Tank Transporter combo (truck and the trailer) Man those things have a lot of tires. Tire units are actually painted, but the vehicle itself is on hold for the airbrush (that is sounding like a broken record eh).

    Set those aside and then zoomed through a Swimmwagen Kettenfraftrad combo, but that was nothing as there was so little to do. Granted they are darned small. This is by Esci in 1/72nd scale. They are currently undergoing the same ole wait now hehe. But the Kettenfraftrad is actually completely assembled.

    Today will be the start of an Esci 1/72nd scale British Daimler Mk II armoured car kit. It looks ok on first glance but in recent time I have not had a lot of success with my stash of British ACs.

    Most of these kits hail from the late 70s early 80s and have been hiding around here for quite a while. They were all rather lucky to survive last years purging too.
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.

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    Sounds like you are having fun...

    On the workbench: 1:48 tornado / 1:48 B-25 / 1:48 Rafale B / 1:72 SU-24 / 1:48 HE-111 / 1:72 SR-75 / 1:72 A-12 / 1:32 ME-262B / 1:72 B-17 / 1:48 Mig-25 / 1:48 A-7D / M-48 Patton /1:32 BF-110 / 1:32 P-40 / Worf


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      The Daimler broke the trend This AC came out looking splendid. One of the nicest 1/72nd kits I have indulged in years.

      I moved on to do a Hasegawa Cargo Truck (that's what they called it). A GMC CCKW-353. Never heard a 2 1/2 called called that before to be honest.

      GMC isn't that General Motors Canada? They sell it in US markings. I suppose Canadian markings is asking for too much hehe.

      The kit though was very lazy friendly. Was I suppose to assemble anything? Very few parts, the frame is almost one molding. Uses wires for axles. Nice and firm but a hair on the fake side looking. Not visible at any rate. The molding is very good though. Oddly molded in near translucent green. The canvas top is a total no go, not sure how they expect it to go on. But no self respecting modeler would use it any way. All in all an ok kit, but sure no work load out of the box.

      From there I dove into a sdkfz 7/2 by Hasegawa. Totally different experience from the truck.swift easy assembly, but next to no work on the chassi which again can't be seen so so what. The 37 mm flak is brief but ok looking. Comes with a set of figures to crew the gun. Out of the box this kit is again very basic work. But went together nice .

      The above two kits are also old items.

      Today's fiddle fest is a Bishop (25pdr in box turrent on a Valentine essentially) from Esci. It is going really well.
      Life is change. Built models for decades.
      Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
      I didn't for a long time either.


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