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  • Type 97 "Chi-Ha"

    Hi guys,

    This was supposed to be a "weekend" project that seemed to get sidetracked at every turn. But, I finally got a moment to sit down at my own bench to get this one finished. This is the FineMolds Type 97 Chi-Ha, early version with the 47mm gun.

    This is a true Out of the Box build...vinyl tracks included - not the kit's strongest point! As much as anything I wanted an excuse to give the Kamizukuri products a try - lovely stuff these little laser cut leaves. I used most of 3 different "jungle" packs for the foliage. They come in stiff white paper sheet (similar to photo etch frets) that you simply paint and attach.

    Thanks for looking,
    MIG Productions USA


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    Great job Rick. Man I hope my weathering gets up to near your standard some day. That looks just about perfect in my eyes. The leaves are made of paper? Or did I read that wrong? I'll have to look them up on the net.
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      Looks great


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        Thanks guys, is a look at leaves in progress. As you can see they come in single sheets per pack, about the thickness of card stock.

        In this photo you can see them being placed on the base...I used brass wire for the stems. I applied the MIG Wet and Damp Effects to some of the leaves to give them a nice sheen.

        here is a link:

        MIG Productions USA



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          That's a great piece Rick.
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            Great Diorama Rick. I was looking at those foliage sets on one of
            my sites I buy from and was wondering, but not no more after
            seeing you scene. Again Great job.


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              Very nice, I hope my Tamiya version comes out that nice looking.
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                A++ in my book. Fantastic job.
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                  Great result Rick, and thanks for the link regarding the foliage!
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                    Excellent scene Rick! Those PE veggies are definately the ticket!

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                      Nice to see some unusual armor for a change.

                      The leaves look like something that could be done up with AutoCAD.
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                        Outstanding dio, Rick!

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