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Book Discussion- Von Clausewitz's On War

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  • Book Discussion- Von Clausewitz's On War

    Once again I have but haven't read it. My dad is going through it now, says he is like Tolkien compared to Sun Tzu.
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    I joined the Military Book Club way back in 1988, just after moving to Ft. Bragg. On War was the very first book I got from them, and I read it nonstop, at age 18, that winter.

    At the time, I was not a professionally trained military historian, just an armchair general who loved military history. I read the book mainly with a martial artists mindset. Combat to me then was more real in a one-on-one basis. I like to think I understood the book well, even then.

    I've read many excerpts since then, since becoming a military historian, and since I have been to war. I have been saying that I should read it again, just to see how I come to understand it now.
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      I finished Paret's translation a couple a months ago. I liked it but Bernard Brodie's summaries of the chapters at the end of the book really helped me to understand some of the more obscure passages.

      "On War" wasn't a easy read but I found it very interesting and rewarding.
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