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  • 1/6th figure items

    I have gone to cotsworld and monkeydepot. I heard of another place called SpecOps or something, do you all know of any others?

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    There are a few others as well...

    Considering I can't remember some - this thread on this msg board is probably as good as typing out an entire list.


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      Here is another link

      Thanks and good luck fellow collector

      If you need any help on 1/6 collecting don't hesitate to PM me or drop me an email!!

      Thanks again!

      Peter Williams

      "We're not lost private, we're in Normandy"-

      Lt. Richard Winters 101st 506 pir


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        i went to register at the site, but had a hard time. I am still looking for the site, it had a lot of modern stuff, build your own figure ext. The build you own were pretty expensive.
        So if anyone can tell me the name I would really apricate it.
        I thought it was Spec Ops but was wrong.


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          Not sure who you were directin that post at Medic.

          It seems to me that you are looking for some parts dealers. . . and I need to write down some decent ones that I use - or plan on using.

          storeon44 ( ) ... I think they sell parts - but I know they do sell the 1/6th stuff from all of the major brands.

          echobase toys ( - again - I think ) they are a parts seller - although imo the site design is sorta clunky -and more difficult to navigate) -I have not ever got anything from these guys - although I have read they are pretty good -- they also sell headless/handless figures in bundles if you have some deteriorating bodies that need replacement.

          atlantic toys ( ) features a reasonable shipping rate - and some real nice stuff -- their service is top notch as well.

          outer perimeter hobbies ( ) ( these guys are out of winnipeg Manitoba) -I have not ordered from them in about a year - occasionally they get a glut of certain items and dump them dirt cheap -- like German messkits for like 50 cents --as an example....

 -- these guys have top notch service

 --a great selection and excellent service as well.

 --a parts/figure seller in Vegas -- take your gf/wife to Vegas -- and then 'oh since we are here... - ok that didn't work for me last year as we only had Labor Day weekend - and I did not get to go... a large selection - seemingly decent prices - offset at times by some outrageous shipping charges... (it doesn't cost 10.00 to ship 2 packaged accessory sets by Dragon - using Priority mail - no way... maybe 5 or 6.00 - anyway most of these places are ok if you buy in quantity.

 ---- these guys are good too as they don't like to keep a glut of figures too long -and you can occasionaly get some great deals on stuff they are trying to unload -- case in point - I got the Dragon Marine sniper with the Springfield Sniper rifle a few weeks back - for about 30.00 -after shipping.

 - this site concentrates on selling the packaged items -but you can still find parts there as well.

          I am sure I missed some ....


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