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  • The Biz of Paintball

    During my early years of playing at Bragg, I once sat down with some graph paper (an old D&D habit) and roughly sketched out my own paintball field, patterned a bit after the MOUT City (Shugart-Gordon) there. I had dreams of one day opening my own field.

    Who can tell me/us about this end of the hobby? Is paintball a franchise? What are the legal requirements? And how much $$ are we talking?
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    Well, my friends, dad just opened a filed himself and shop and stuff so I knw some of the legal stuff.

    Well it can't be officially in city limits unless you have a bucnh of papers and licenses and what not because it's classified as a "firearm" in city limit laws, so you cant fire it within city limits.

    I also know that you should think about parking spmaces for your customers that was my friedn's dad's problem.

    Well thats all I know now...I can get some more info if you want.
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      Hmmm.... This depends on where you build this place at. Land costs more in certain areas and so does wood, guns, ammo, etc.

      There aren't any legal requirements except for permission to build a commercial residence on a certain plot of land. I have hopes of eventually opening one as well but I am unsure of the costs.

      Paintball is a major franchise FYI.


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        Hmm. If you know someone that has a big field (my friend does and he wants to put a personal target range up... he just needs the dirt for the 20' berm) that's well outside a city I think you are good to go, you just need to build all the stuff and set up a store if you are going to sell or rent out things.
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