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  • Smile for the 'TIMES'

    I think this diorama can be called finished. Although, I am still adding small details here and there still. But here are some photos of diorama in its entirety since the last time I uploaded, under a different title. I have been struggling with it because of my figure painting skills over the two year period. I was never satisfied with the results, which always ended up being put aside until I could improve my skills. So here it is with another added, two figures. The theme is simple. Somewhere in Iraq, a group of insurgents are running towards a fight, to help their fellow comrades. Just has they run by the corner of the building, a freelance photographer is kneeling around the corner taking their photos, which in turn will be sold to the 'TIMES' magazine.

    What we perceive to be may not be what we believe to be.

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