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    15 years ago today I gave up my modeling hobby. The ex-wife got everything in the divorce, even my models believe it or not.

    I've been itching to get back into it now that I have time on my hands. I've decided to go with trains this go around. Trains are new to me so if anyone have any tips or suggestions, I would appreciate it. This is going a huge project. I expect to spend tens of thousands on this by time it's said and done, if not more.

    In the meantime, I will be doing a lot of research on model trains before I make the initial investment and commit. I plan to create the landscape by hand. I have a barn that I'm dedicating the entire ground level to this project. The loft up top will be storage.

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      Find a train club in your area and visit them. Attend the model train shows in the area to find the bargains and ideas. The hobby has gotten ungodly expensive as of late but if you shop around at the shows and check out the garage and estate sales there are bargains out there.
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        It primarily depends on the scale you choose - larger scales cost a lot more- and what you plan to do. The more turnouts you have, for example, which are expensive, the more your layout will cost in basic construction alone. Even in smaller the scale I work in, I have several thousand dollars tied up in equipment, rolling stock and track/turnouts. (switches) Locomotives are especially expensive.

        The much vaunted DCC control systems add hundreds of dollars to the costs of locomotives and the necessary digitalized equipment needed to operate that way, and often require frequent upgrades or even complete replacement due to rapid obsolescence.
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          You have to prove it with interesting and beautiful pics.


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