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  • Airsoft

    Any Airsofters out there on the site. Airsoft is similar to paintball. The guns, however are pretty much 1:1 replicas of real steel guns. The ammo used is 6mm plastic bbs instead of the paint filled ball. Honesty is demanded. The ammo is feed by the magazine instead of a hopper. Instead of gas, they are powered by rechargable batteries. Except for a few guns mostly pistols. Here are a few pics.

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    Once Im out of the financial sinkhole Im in,I plan on looking for them here in Korea. Im under the impression that their rather popular in Asian countries.
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      Yeah, we have them here in the UK - but not for long I suspect.

      Rifles and machine guns were made illegal following a massacre by a single nutter about 20 years ago in Hungerford.

      Pistols were outlawed about 7 years ago following a massacre by another lone nutter who walked into a primary school in Dunblane (Scotland) and killed a whole class of 6-year olds and their teacher.

      Shotgun licences are almost impossible to obtain unless you have a very good reason - i.e. you are a farmer and, erm, that's probably the only reason.

      Despite all of this, gun crime in this country is MASSIVELY on the increase - so now there is talk of outlawing all replicas, blank-firing replicas and, in fact, anything that even LOOKS like a gun because the Government has this insane idea that people are converting airguns and replicas to fire real ammunition.

      I'd better hand in my wife's hairdryer!

      Of course, the fact that the IRA is effectively "decommisioning" by flooding the black market with tons of second-hand firearms seems to have escaped them.

      So, to get to the point, yes Airsoft looks quite interesting, but I won't go buying one because I rather suspect it will be illegal very soon.

      Dr. S.
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        It looks interesting, but ireally dont know much about it. Can you suggest some links that would be helpful?


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          Very popular in the Asian countries. As a matter of fact, most of us in Airsoftkentucky order our guns directly from Hong Kong. They have great prices and do very dependable upgrade jobs if you want them. may help our one friend above and is a very good source of info on airsoft. is another excellent website for info on the game. I wish our British brothers and sisters the best with your present problem. The smoke you see in the one above picture is from a cigar not the guns but it looked cool.


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            Yeah, I love my RPK; 450 FPS, mixed .23 and .25 BBs (for more spread), hi-cap drum mags... too bad it's down right now. I was hoping to finish up an MG-36 by summer, but given I need to fix the other, it's not likely to happen.

            Nice C-mag on -36 in the pic

            BTW, I'm with Ultimate War Games in San Antonio.
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              I got a TM M4 RIS stock, TM G3SAS at 320 fps, New version CA M15A4 SPC at 400fps, KWC Glock 18C, and KJW Desert Eagle .50. APS2 with gas bolt at 550 fps use .36 on this and .25 on everything else.


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                look what i found



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                  Our unit is looking at these as a tool for use in Air Base Defense. The days of using MILES gear are long gone and we need to train in a more realistic environment. From the information we have found, these replicas may be the ticket.

                  Now the hard part. Were do we get the money! Cash flow at our little reserve unit is, shall we say, nil. Most of the guys and gals have expressed interest in purchasing our own but the cost is still a bit high for some. If anyone knows where we can get quality replicas at a "cheap" price, let me know. Thanks!


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                    Combat Depot, Precision Airsoft in the states, Uncompany and Airsoft Market in Hong Kong.
                    $350.00 is pretty much the lowest price you'll find to get started.
                    Here's one the best deals
                    out there right now from Precision Airsoft.
                    It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.


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                      Biggest thing to watch for from foreign retailers is getting your goods confiscated by Herr Ashcroft's forces. I have heard of and been witness to WAY too many confiscated guns to ever order a fully built AEG from oversees... parts, yes, ammo, yes, but ready-to-use-out-of-the-box guns, no. The US dealers charge a little (or a lot) more, but there's no shipping issues beyond Fed Ex, UPs, or your local Post Office.

                      Keep in mind these guns are only good for CQB and very close-in engagements under 300 feet or so. Just because you can see the 'enemy' doesn't mean you can hit them... it's amusing to see new players trying to arc and lobb BBs across a gulley to hit people on the other side and getting no where near them. It has it's limits as a real-combat training tool. I've never used MILES gear, so I don't know how limiting it is in comparison.
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                        Thanks for the info! For those that don't know, MILES gear is the military version of Laser Tag. The following is from the Federation of American Scientist on the in-and-outs of the system:

                        "The Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) is a training system that provides a realistic battlefield environment for soldiers involved in training exercises. MILES provides tactical engagement simulation for direct fire force-on-force training using eye safe laser "bullets". Each individual and vehicle in the training exercise has a detection system to sense hits and perform casualty assessment. Laser transmitters are attached to each individual and vehicle weapon system and accurately replicate actual ranges and lethality of the specific weapon systems. MILES training has been proven to dramatically increase the combat readiness and fighting effectiveness of military forces.

                        MILES requires the sound of a blank cartridge to discharge a laser transmitter that sends simulated laser "bullet" to kill or wound opposing forces (OPForces) during training exercises. The MILES fires coded laser beams at laser detectors attached to soldiers or vehicles. When the laser bear hits a detector, the laser detector records a kill or near miss. The detectors are sensitive to the source of fire. For example, the laser beam for a soldier simulating the firing an M16 rifle will not register on a detector mounted on an armored vehicle. Blank firing attachments (BFAs) were developed to promote realism by enabling soldiers to simulate firing their weapons as they are actually used on the battlefield"

                        That being said, the accuracy of the system is not the greatest. The weapons system is clamped on and does not give an accurate zero for more than an hour of field time. Another downside is that there is no after action report to download from the system. What you have in short is a system where you could fire at somebody 10 yards away and not register a hit.


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                          Nicely done, sgreen. You forgot to mention how easy it is to 'cheat' with MILES, something that can't be done in paintball and airsoft.
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                            I beg to differ on the cheating aspect... it's fairly easy to rub off paint and even easier to not call an airsoft hit... though in being a bad sport, it is likely that when an obvious hit is not called, the next time, there will be MANY obvious hits to encourage the offender to play honestly.
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                              Originally posted by Jim H. Moreno
                              Nicely done, sgreen. You forgot to mention how easy it is to 'cheat' with MILES, something that can't be done in paintball and airsoft.
                              Oops! Kind of takes the realisim out of the training when you can take a rock or some other object and turn your harness off. The only plus is you can stand up and pretend to be Audie Murphy taking out the Germans in the movie, "To Hell and Back". LOL


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