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  • Nikkie's Little Dido

    hey guys,
    I would like for you to meet my newest little ship to the fleet! British AA cruiser Dido! she's is my last ship for a few years!!! Shes a 2-unit ship, So She's getting a 75-round cannon and a .5-unit pump! But shes going to be a test bed for a few ideas. that i went to use! But she's going to be painted as my Artemis, is painted in a in a very cute pool party blue, and a cherry red for under the waterline!! let me know what y'all thing of her! I love this little lady but what's going to be fun is maxed out, she's only 7.5lbs! but because i'm leaving her in the Midwest naval combat club! I"m thinking about painting her the way i have my 96-scale USS Artemis, Le Terrible and My Carrier! there paint in a classic Red, and a pool party Blue! let me know what you guys thing of her .. But some of the Rib, are cut to fair in so i'm looking about getting this to glue to the back side of the Ribs to give it was added protection! .. there onle one in there! 016''x1/4''x12'' Brass Strips.

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    That's quite the size Nikkie! Looks like a great start. I'd love to see progress shots of this as you go (no pressure)
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      I'll use this as a build thread two ok!


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        Really cool idea! I will be following this thread for sure.


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