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2008 IPMS Nationals

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  • 2008 IPMS Nationals

    Ok guyz, I was going to wait a little while before posting this, but reaalized some of you may need time for planning a full assault!!
    The 2008 IPMS National Convention will be held August 6-9 in Virginia Beach Virginia.
    If you've never been, you may want to consider going this time. Why, you may ask?
    Imagine the worlds largest hobby shop, stocked with all the goodies you've only read about, right there in person. Along with the folks that produce much of what we use.
    Some of the best models anywhere on display to look at, and the possibility to talk to the builder.
    Seminars to give you a leg up on your future builds, and tours of some pretty cool places.
    If we get enough of us planning to make the trip, I suggest a little get together would be in order, to match faces with names, BS about the hobby, and just have a good time.
    It's a really great event, so who's planning to make the trip?
    I know I'll be there!!!!

    Semper Fi

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    Just fugures!!...My parents live in Norfolk, but are moving to Charlotte this winter...would have been a great excuse to visit!!
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      I've been to only one, back in 98, it had 3 pilots there, 2 - Germans 1- American
      They were signing a posters for those interested, of which i still have mine.
      Unfortunatly Virgina is 3,000 miles away from me.
      Life is what happens to you when your busy making other plans! Lennon -


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        I would love to go but personal business and finances won't allow it. I am hoping to get to the Calgary show in May and maybe Seattle in April, if I can get the day off and get my passport renewed in time. Both shows will probably need to be last minute decisions.

        Any idea where it is in 2009?
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          I'll be there in spirit.
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            I went to Kansas City for my first IPMS national. Hopefully I'll go to this one too.


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              hamy3, The Boy and I have talked it over....we'll be there - by hook or by crook! 2 hours away...Yeah, we'll be there.

              razorboy (& razorboy jr.)

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                Very cool Razor, the first round is on me!!

                Semper Fi


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