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  • Metalizer

    I'm going to be shooting Modelmaster's Aluminum Metalizer onto a truck body. I'm an armor modeller so I know nothing of this stuff . What do I need to look out for? I've already shot acrylic aluminum on the body and was thinking about a gloss coat before I shoot the metalizer. I want the finish to be VERY glossy.
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    I have shot it a few times Wear Cotton gloves when handling and not so sure I would gloss coat til AFTER you metalize
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      Thanks PM. I think I'll be shooting it tomorrow night.
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        All you should know is that this stuff really highlights the flaws in your surface if you have any. You can shoot it onto gloss clear and I recommend a good coat of clear afterwards too. You'll be pleased with how this stuff sprays too. It covers very quickly. It's also prone to running if you aren't careful. As PM said, gloves of some kind are a must until after you seal it with's like handling newspapers and it gets everywhere.
        I really enjoy using metalizers. Good luck.
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