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  • Skip detail?

    Hey folks,
    Been working on m B-17 since saturday. I spray painted the wings and fuselage in aluminum plate-looks real neat!
    But after that it's been all cockpit following instructions step by step. Lots of little parts and tiny painting details. One things though...most of it will not be seen once glued in fuselage.
    Do any here skip these parts since it wont be seen?

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    If you are absolutely sure it WILL NOT be seen, then I would skip it. It might be like putting bombs in the bomb bay with the doors glued shut.


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      It is kind of a personal thing. I have in the past skipped some detail depending on mood. Sometimes it can be fun to build and quite satifying to see the end result, even if you are then going to glue it inside two bits of plastic!

      At the end of the day, remember, YOU will know its not there!!



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        I often just assume those parts are for the totally absorbed, or if the modeller wishes to make that part visible somehow. A bomb bay for instance, if the doors are open it matters to have the parts.

        But, if the part can't be seen, regardless of how nosy the viewer is, then nope, I wouldn't be doing it.

        I've even made planes, where I ditch the cockpit interior. I mean, clear plastic canopies, well it's called clear plastic, but, it's also the same as looking through the bottom of a glass too.

        I have a really nice Spitfire in 1/48. I did the cockpit, and the pilot as nice as possible, and the canopy is not glued on either.

        There has to be a point to anything I do on a kit.
        Life is change. Built models for decades.
        Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
        I didn't for a long time either.


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          I do it. Its like the viewer may not..but you will.
          I am a simple man. I am by no means smarter than the average man. I am average...yet genius.


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            Build to your standards, not anyone else's. Actually, most people won't know the difference.
            If you can't set a good example, be a glaring warning.


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              As has been said...skip it if it can't be seen...but then there are traps. I've skipped stuff before, only for it to be glaringly obvious at the end. I've also painted and weathered stuff that hasn't seen daylight for years. Generally, I look at that stuff as a way of practicing...maybe even new techniques. Nowadays, I generally do it anyway. Freight is absolutely right as usual. Build to your own standards, you are the viewer that counts most so you must satisfy your own eye.
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                When I was a kid I knew a guy that was an CH-53 pilot. He built a kit with a 105mm howitzer and jeep to go with it. I'm kinda vaguely remembering that they would fit inside. You could see inside the windows and see a little of the cockpit details he included. I remember him telling me he used toothpics to paint the instrument panel.

                It was the only model in his house. I remember his wife saying he built it but he never built an others. I don't remember any weathering but it was a very very nice paint job and well put together.
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                  There are people like that and they infuriate me. There is an article in FSM from the early nineties...the featured model is the guys second ever kit.
                  The truth? You can't handle the truth! No truth handler you! I deride your truth handling abilities!
                  Sideshow Bob.


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