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Week 28-ish. Reminds me of ACG build #1.

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  • Week 28-ish. Reminds me of ACG build #1.

    Another random one. Takes us back a year though eh...

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    Just in case anyone is curious, here is the show I take the pictures from. It's the only one I have ever been to. I've been every year since 2003. I think it is fairly modest compared to other shows but I wouldn't know. I still absolutely love it. Last year I took 350 pictures. I purchase an armpull of raffle tickets for $10 and usually win a few. I also get a couple raffle tickets for the big prizes, sometimes an airbrush or spray booth, and last year won a 1/48 B-25. FSM sometimes drops off a box of free magazines. They sometimes have a photographer there and one year the editor came out. There is another room, slightly smaller, crammed with vendors.

    Next year I hope to get to the Calgary and Seatle shows as well. I'm also setting a goal of entering in four categories next April. Multi Engine Jet 72nd and larger (B-58), Open Top AFV 36th and smaller (Nashorn), something OoB undecided, and something else undecided. Perhaps whatever I get done for our builds. Assuming I can finish something in three months for once.

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      I'm still hoping to get up there on the 6th of Oct. but we're getting our house ready to sell and I might not be able to get free that weekend.
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        Thats funny. The sam ecamo scheme as Geek's...but I still like Geek's better... thats Duncan
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          I agree with Waffle, Geek's looked better.

          Thanks for the thread, Duncan.
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            Originally posted by freightshaker View Post
            I'm still hoping to get up there on the 6th of Oct. but we're getting our house ready to sell and I might not be able to get free that weekend.
            Ah well, gotta have priorities. I'm going to try and make it out there for your show next April. Depends on if we buy a new car by then or how close it is to the bus depot.


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              Nice show there, looks about a little smaller than ours but mot by much.

              Our show here starts in 2 weeks, the 15th, I was the one who started it back in 98 i think, I remember it was me and another guy who had to organize
              and put the whole thing together.
              We gave out plaques with a piece of the treated wood they used on the Spruce Goose, they had made alot of extra wood for the plane for repairs and such.
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                Thanks guys...but mine is only two colours and trashed. I gotta admit that the wear and tear kinda gets people interested. I took it to my first club meeting and the guys liked it there too. Do I see a couple of women in the pic? That's very unusual. I've never seen women at our annual show but once I saw two kids.
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