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How do you paint gun metal?

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  • How do you paint gun metal?

    Is it just one universal techique?
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    There's always the 'color' gun metal but I usually paint a base color of black and drybrush steel. Instead of the drybrush I sometimes use a graphite pencil. Mind you, not all weapons are gun metal. Most modern weapons are painted or blued.
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      In 1/72 I can get away with gun metal coloured paint. Sometimes a little wash and/or graphite pencil to highlite.


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        I use a 3 color dryblush on older weapons Black to steel to aluminum or graphite..... New weapons I use a dark blue and drybrush it with a little steel to show wear...
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          Airbrush Testors gunmetal metallizer. When it dries polish it with a soft cloth to bring out a metallic shine. Then seal it with their special metalizer sealer that protects the metal paint from being rubbed off. Then dry brush with steel.

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            Now ya see?.. That's why you build 1/72. Slap on some Tamiya gun metal and yer done.


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              I either paint the weapon with Humbrol Panzer grey and then rub powdered graphite on the part after a dark wash or I dry brush very lightly with silver instead of the graphite. Powdered graphite can be bought or you can make it by simply filing a lead pencil and using the powder from that. The finer the better. After all this I start on the wooden parts.
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