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3 Renwal military kits re-released

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  • 3 Renwal military kits re-released

    just curious if anyone has, or is thinking about buying..or has built one. are they good kits? worth buying? or just a mediocre blast from the past.
    1/32 hawk missle
    1/32 self propelled 8" howitzer, "big shot"
    1/32 teracruzer flatbed w/mace missle
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    I do actually remember buying them, and have no personal issues with those memories.

    They were considered quite good back then. Likely are still quite good now.

    If my sources are correct, Revell owns the molds. Not all Revell stuff was junk, although I have been known to say nasty things about Revell. But then again, as long as Revell merely owns it and wasn't the ones that made it, that is all the difference eh.

    You likely won't be wasting your money.
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