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  • Pilots

    I am looking for some guide regarding the painting of pilots! I only got into the hobby recently (excluding some tinkering in my younger years) and of all the things the pilot is bothering me (I'm working on a 1/72 BF-110), I have no idea where to start to get a decent pilot going. It needn't be great (the first few models will be practice of course) but I want him to look at least vaguely human. Is it a bit ambitious for an amateur?

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    Some good refs. here:,10000197.html

    Good luck!



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      1/72 is challenging to do figures right. I like to airbrush the face and hands a flesh color because they are hard to brush smooth. If you don't have an airbrush start in the same place. if you mess up just remove the paint and start again. Then use a dark wash to accent the lines. Don't worry about tiring to paint the eyes white pretty hard to see (and hard to do even in 1/35). Then paint the uniform, the accent the belts boots and other things (dry-brushing works well for this). Take your time, and have fun.

      Here is a 1/72 88 I did with some figures.

      Here are some reference pics.

      Hope this is helpful. And welcome to ACG Models.
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        Welcome aboard !
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          Welcome and have a nice long stay
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            Welcome guy.
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              Welcome in!

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                Heres my method any more hints ?

                I havent done much figure stuff but i have only done 2 sets of 35th ones ,hope this helps.1 smooth all the seams out: 2: assemble if reqired. 3: fill any gaps and smooth out. 4: apply a dark grey under coat be it acrylic or enamel i prefer acrylic. 5: Alow to dry .6: If it all looks smooth Apply top coat.( If not rub it all back). set aside to dry. I dry brush a flesh colour to the face. then you can put a wash over it. Good luck!
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                Buy a kit sell a kit., build a kit., stash one too.


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                  Thanks for the tips, it is good to have some reference as to what to aim for !


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