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He 219 A7

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  • He 219 A7

    Since my P-40 took a nose dive in the build dept and went to the closet of doom. I foud that I had this hiding in the far reaches of the back of the top shelf.

    I just started the pit and got this far in about two hours. I have gran children always pestering me.
    here's the end result.

    Thanks for looking in.

    An they shall mount up with wings as eagles

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    Looks great!
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      IP looks perfect. Gorgeous cockpit!!!
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        That is awesome!


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          I was really fortunate to get these decals to st correctly on the ip.
          I am happy with this kit because the fit is so precise and tighter than Dick's hat band.So much so I think I will be able to paint and then assemble all the flying surfaces and not have to worry about filler.

          The tail surfaces are a treat also.

          the wing halves are not a problem and I have no warpage either.

          I also really like the way the wing attaches to the fuselage. The large hole have dowels that go through them and the fuse to the other wing. This is aided by a couple of small pins on the leading and trailing edges to help lone things up.

          All in all I would say that if the Revell one is half as good as this one there wont be any issues with it but that's just my opinion.

          Thanks for looking in...
          An they shall mount up with wings as eagles


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            I love the IP excellent work, but you are used to that. Great job.
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