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Pink Panther (SAS Land Rover, by Tamiya

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  • Pink Panther (SAS Land Rover, by Tamiya

    It's an older kit. I bought and built this one back in 1983. I pink color is Airforce Desert Pink, an old color Polly-S made. The whole model was was had painted (No air-brushing) So it is a very old model with a very old school build. Still one my favorites.


    It's pretty much a straight build. I altered the black jerry cans so they would accurately reflect the the black plastic containers in use and replaced the back GPMG with a M2.


    Weathering is all dry brushing and a washes with the base color. All very standard for the time.


    The plastic garbage bag was made from stretched saran wrap. I shaped it with a paint brush, slowly pushing it until it thinned and made a little bag. I just thought a trash bag would be a neat touch. Just visible is an M16. I also have a scratch built De-Lisle Carbine made for the truck


    The original model has the back storage bin made from a molded piece of plastic. I never liked it.

    currently a big ol' canvas roll is on the shelf but they may change. (The model was originally part of a diorama and I plan to rebuild the diorama. Some details will change)

    I also decided to make another garbage bag for a sleeping bag storage. That is also visible.


    Front view shows the headlights painted pink. This was the way the vehicles were deployed. If the crew needed headlights they would scrape a small amount of paint off.


    Top view showing additional fuel cans in the cargo area as well as the duffel bags behing the radio operators seat.

    If nothing else, you now know a way to make 1/35 scale trash bags!
    --Tobias Gibson
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    I remember that from when I was a kid, think I built it once. IIRC, it had the rolled camo netting as an accessory.
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