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Outcry to the Paintball Forum!

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  • Outcry to the Paintball Forum!

    Attention all Paintball Forum Regulars!

    This is the Paintball Forum's greatest time of need! We need all of this forums regulars to help out and support the paintball forum!

    If you haven't heard this all ready, you're hearing this now. The paintball section in the magazine itself, is being disbanded. There are thoughts circulating that the paintball forum itself may die with it.

    If the web editor realises that this forum is not in much use, he may disband it because it is a waste of space. We can't let this happen!

    We need to help make our forum grow into the pride of the Armchair General Forum! With your help, we can make this the best forum there is!

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    Quick! Everyone start posting any random thought that pops into your head!
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      mmmmm......burgers :drool:

      and now for something completely different


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        Ya don't post anything random thought in here, this isn't the free fire zone, I'm sure there not going to get rid of this section.

        Hold your ground men, hold your ground!

        Don't be a fool, wrap your tool.

        If your not mad enough to bare nuckel box, your not mad at all.


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          that so not cool i would stop my subscription if paintball left the mag
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            It is leaving though. It really sucks


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              OK i think if we all make one tread and then each day post at least one thing in it then maybe they wont shut it down.
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                thingies :bowdown: :drool:
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                  Why are they takeing paintball out of the magazine??? that was one of the best sections.


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                    thts impossible, i just got a subscription!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bang:
                    its not nice 2 shoot animals. take ur anger out on newbs


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                      well atleast they arent getting rid of the paintball forum. we just need to keep it growing and they wont be able to get rid of it.


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                        Rainbow monkeys all around rainbow monkeys what a sound rainbow monkeys lallalalalalaallaalalalalalalallalala
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                          I dont think ive ever seen more spam than that right there......


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                            That does suck. I really dont care for conventional paintball magazines as they cater towards "generation X" types who are content to do bounding overwatches on each other and call it "tournament play" . Also,The publishers/editors/writiers of said rags tend to let up a collective "EEEEWWWWW" at the thought of anyone wearing camoflauge,calling it a "gun" instead of a a "marker" or using any sort of icky-war related terminology.

                            God save us from green-hared,face pierced,purple-pajama wearing kids who lose sleep over their "sport".

                            Better still,send 'em into the woods........
                            Delegate, MN GOP.

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                              I hope to one day bring paintball back to the mag in some way. Personally I love it (don't get to play to much) and there is clearly a tie in to the mag content...especially tactics.

                              But for now most of the readers said they really didn't like it and so it has been out for about a year.

                              I'll relook at this again sometime in the future.
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