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    We've been through this crap before... Hand to hand combat is something that a soldier never wants to put himself into. Why risk getting killed in hand to hand when you can kill your enemy from a few hundred yards away with a gun? That's why Spetznaz is nothing special, they might be excellent in hand to hand but intelligent soldiers do not rely on their physical strength and fighting skills to kill enemies.

    It's absolutely useless for soldiers to know hand to hand because at that range a terrorist will blow himself up.
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      Originally posted by Naffenea View Post
      No, they don't. Your understanding of Muay Thai is very tabloid even in its cinematic roots. I never said all I know is combatives either.
      ROFLOL!You don't know anything about Muay Thai!LOL!

      Yes Muay Thai fighters do indeed kick trees for training-at least the traditional training. Seems to me you are the ignorant one LOL! Anyone who reads about MT's history knows that old school MT used very brutal training techniques and kicking banana tres is one of them.

      Its just in recent modern Muay Thai training, much of the traditional training techniques were replaced with more modern ones like hitting a punching bag.

      And you are criticizing me as only knowing Muay Thau from watching movies?!LOL! I recommend you actually make sure you know what you are talking about before acting like an expert on a particular topic!ROFLOL!
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        Your reading comprehension is still weak. If you're going to take a few weeks to respond, at least make it meaningful. Name one UFC fighter that trains by kicking trees would you? If you want to discuss the history of training methods, that's one thing. But to claim otherwise for current practices..... Yeah, that's what I thought.


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