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Are Russian Spetsnaz the best special forces in the world in hand to hand combat?

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    Originally posted by SegaSaturnGamer View Post
    I read somewhere that the Russian Spetsnaz are the best special Forces in the world in Hand to Hand Combat and martial arts.I read that they spend more time training in hand to hand combat than any other special forces in the world including the Navy Seals,Ranger,Green Berets,Delta and even the SAS and the Israeli Commandos and that a Russian Spetsnaz could easily a Green Beret,Navy Seal,Ranger,US Marine,SAS Commando, Delta troops and almost any other Special forces commando and troop in the world.In fact the thing I read stated when the Russian Spetsnaz train in hand to hand combat,they not only perfect killing techniques but they also become highly proficient non lethal techniques such as boxing,Judo style throws,wrestling techniques,kicking,and other techniques used commonly in MMA and the way that they train is as though they are training for MMA fights.In fact they train so much in techniques used in MMA and they spar so much MMA style that any Russian Spetsnaz is more than a much for an expert proffessional fighter in an MMA rules fight!A Russian Spetsnaz will easily be able to adapt quickly to MMA rules and defeat expert MMA fighters without using any killing techniques,just using basic techniques used in MMA!

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