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Soviet Soldiers VS German Soldiers in martial arts?

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  • Pilsudski
    I know boxing was emphasized in military training for the Hitler Youth. So if the Wehrmacht "neglected" unarmed combat, it could be because recruits already learned it.

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  • Soviet Soldiers VS German Soldiers in martial arts?

    I read somewhere that the Germans stopped having a formal training program in hand-to-hand between the two world wars. They thought it was obsolete. In fact I read it was common for Soviet soldiers to easily slaughter German soldiers in hand to hand during house to house battles. From what I read the Germans didn't even teach wrestling and boxing to any of their army divisions in WW2 except for the Waffen SS( who trained heavily in boxing and grappling techniques)!

    Here is info about Russian martial arts

    Russian Sambo
    Originally a hybrid of Judo and traditional wrestling martial arts in Russia and Central Europe and Central Asia, SAMBO is the product of a Russian experiment to find the most usable skills that can be used in any situation, on any terrain, and the best/fastest way of teaching those skills to its students (originally the military) its not so simple as to say its a mix of judo and wrestling. there are many differences. its westernized in teaching method. more scientific in a sense. Steve Keopfer says its "movement based" rather than position or technique based. beginners simply learn to 'move' with someone (opponent) rather than worrying about this technique or that technique.

    Others have said sambo also takes into consideration "making it work for you"...rather than many asian styles that are often described as 'cooky cutter' that they teach everyone exactly the same and you cannot change or personalize anything.

    its all about producing personalized results as quickly as possible, in any situation, and in any scenario. that's sambo.

    of course there are various 'versions'
    sport sambo (similar to a blend of bjj and judo rules)
    combat (sport) sambo (basically mma with a kurtka (kimono/gi) ..and headgear.
    combat sambo..military hand to hand combat.

    Sombo was first created after the Russian Revolution when the red army started the fighting without rules competition, it was chosen as the red army's main fighting style after millions of matches, deaths broken necks bones etc. It would become the Red Army's official martial arts by the end of WW2 and is in fact still the Russian army's traditional martial arts.

    I know for a fact that it was created to train Soviet Troops of Special Purposes AKA Spetsnaz to survive in any street fighting situation.
    It was developed from multiple fighting styles and it translates like this

    "Self defence against multiple armed targets"
    Somo zashita protiv bolshe chem odnogo voruzhonih protivnikiov"

    In short its the art of Disabling multiple armed attackers in the shortest time possible.

    Sambo's striking techniques mix of Muay Thai and a drop of boxing with kicks and blocks taken from the French martial art of savate, karate, and other martial arts in Asia. Samboists typical start by leading to first attack coming from boxing techniquesthen the 2nd attack coming from the Sambo fighter breaking a bunch of your bones or skull using Judo and wrestling techniques then the fail-safe get you on the ground if if the Samboist has to have to.

    Sambo is used today by many top MMA champions in the world including the legendary Fedor Emilianko.

    I bet my money that a Soviet soldier would kill a German soldier in hand to hand any day. I would even bet that an untrained Russian conscript will kill a battle hardened German paratrooper in hand to hand because martial arts were already a part of Russian culture before Sambo was created. It was tradtional for young Russian teenagers and men to learn traditional Russian wrestling and western boxing as both a sport for fun and a way to settle conflicts in a duel of honor. in other words hand to hand combat is a part of Russian culture that young men were expected to learn prior to the Soviet Union's creation. Hand to Hand combat was never deemed important in the German military and German culture as a whole. Most Germans back in WW2 never boxed in their lives or wrestled in their lives let alone are conditioned physically for fighting sports.
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