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    Body Armor

    Wowww. What happened to the body armor question?
    Anyway...for some ODD reason, I read a lot of people talking about using certain guages/shot-sizes/calibers, etc. inside of a house. This is fine except...y'know drywall DOES NOT stop bullets or buckshot. Who else is in the home? Who lives next door?
    So ya wanna be a gunfighter? Learn the difference between "cover" & "concealment" "Cover" hides you AND gives you PROTECTION. "Concealment" merely...hides you, not being able to...stop projectiles, unless it's those shuriken that somebody was talking about (ahem,ahem). Those things aren't good for anything except harrassment, so the best place to throw those is...away.
    So while you're hiding behind the corner, don't forget...that drywall ISN'T going to stop a bullet/ or buckshot. I'm just sayin'...
    People can & do get killed with birdshot/BBshot/small calibers.
    Now you're body-armor...
    Well most places that sell body-armor, something that has been commercially manufactured with some sort of bonafide reliable guarantee, you have to provide some sort of law-enforcement certification/documentation/credentials, because let's face it...what happens if some unsavory characters with dubious intentions acquires body-armor?
    Did you ever hear about the attempted bank robbery and subsequent shootout in LA in the early '90's?
    That's the kind of thing that civilians who are looking for body armor end up getting involved in.
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      OK! that's it! I'm going to market a flexible body armor sleep set. Maybe something on the line of 'dragon skin' PJ's...whattya think?
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        ...of course the 'baby doll' set would leave gaps in protection..
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          Whatever floats your boat I guess, But I still think that using birdshot on humans will just get you killed. All birdshot at close range will do is make a shallow but nasty looking wound a couple inches deep. From what I remember FBI testing found that only 0, 00 and 000 buckshot penetrates far enough to reach vital organs.


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            First, as we all know, body armor is just a trauma plate, or a series of plates, inserted into some kind of web gear. I've read conflicting opinions about body armor, ranging from the fact that even the best body armor can only stop shotgun and low velocity rounds to hearing that it can easily stop a .308 round. So first, what body armor system is best to invest in?
            Where did this clown learn about body armor? The trauma plate is an add-on to stop rifle rounds at close range. The rest of the vest is either Kevlar, Spectra, or a similar high tech fiber and protects most of your vital organs.

            Body armor is hot and the more effective it is the hotter, heavier, and harder to maneuver in it is. Probably not the best investment unless you live in a really bad neighborhood and can make a habit of wearing it to get used to it.

            1. Get with your neighbors and have a plan. You can't stay up 24/7. You could be watching the front while they loot your back yard. Banding together gets you 24 hour coverage and 360 defense. If you have enough friends. Planning, coordination, and tactics are more important than firepower. Six of you with .22 rifles checking everyone who tries to enter your street will scare off more looters than you alone with a submachinegun and three days without sleep.

            2. Other than guns and ammo. If help can't get to you, you may not be able to get to help either. Are you first aid qualified? At least one person in every family should be. If anyone in your neighborhood has advanced medical training it might be worth it to go in together on some higher end supplies. Worth thinking about. And make sure your shots are up to date. You won't look cool with that shotgun while you're dying of tetnus.

            3. Basics - Water, food, shelter. In hot weather, water is the most important of the three. Flooding may spoil any outdoor water so either have a protected source or a filtration/sterilization method for making your own. That stuff in the freezer isn't going to last long without power. Plain old canned goods are the cheapest back up but don't forget to rotate them. They don't last forever. Finally hurricanes tend to take your roof with them. Plan on alternate shelter and or rapid [if temporary] repairs so you'll have a dry place to sleep.

            4. Practical experience. If you don't have significant outdoor or military experience you can get some by becoming a disaster volunteer. You'll get to see first hand how other people became victims, what it takes to get them on back on their feet, and how to avoid becoming one yourself.
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              Enjoying the Back and Forth

              ArmorWorks is new to Armchair General and was attracted to this thread because we like any discussion on body armor. After reading all of the messages, what I agree with most is a proper assessment of the threat - if immediate (you're not going to have time to suit up and you're probably not going to be comfortable sleeping in one of our vests). However, if the threat is likely, but not immediate - you are definitely better off taking the time to put on a vest.

              Have any of you actually had to protect your home? Especially interested in those who survived Katrina? If you used our body armor, "We Want Your Survival Story".


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                I am going to talk about things for civilian survival tactics, not about body armor. The OP asked a question about body armor, but also about how to survive as a civilian.

                There are some Healing herbs everyone should have supplies of at all times. If they start getting old, buy more new and use the older herbs. It is called rotating your stock.


                These are herbs that everyone should have a supply of at all times.

                Other items you will need will be food and water. If at all possible, fuel.

                Everyone in this thread immediately went to body armor and defending your homes with shotguns etc. You should think of other emergencies that can happen where no one is attempting to take things from you. Always be prepared to defend what you have, but guns and ammo are only a small part of what you will need to do to survive.

                I already know the answer to the next question, but does anyone else?

                How do you make water drinkable if you do not have iodine pills etc.?


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                  Some good info...

                  First in fictional form: The Patriots by John Wesley, Rawles. It follows a collapse of the US system following the current economic crisis. The heroes are a group of friends who've been preparing for about ten years. Though fictional it covers lots of topics on weapons, food, defense, and such. I found it entertaning and very informative.

                  He also runs a good survival site:
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                    Originally posted by medevac View Post
                    How do you make water drinkable if you do not have iodine pills etc.?
                    Bring it to a boil for a few minutes, If you can't make a fire you can either use a portable filter or chlorine/bleach.


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