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    Paintball cannot be compared to any other sport, it's in a league of its own.
    Paintball is fun.
    Paintball is an adrenalin rush.
    Paintball is more fun played as a team sport.

    Paintball has several genres (stock, scenario, speedball, tournament 5, 7,10 man, and X-ball), but the underlying rules are universal:
    1) Guns are limited to fire only up to 300fps.
    2) An elimination is a hit(s) on any part of the player or equipment (gun, pack, bottle, etc). Bounces don't count.
    3) Fully auto play is typically illegal, with safety maybe the primary concern.

    Paintball magazines are available at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Books a Million.
    Paintball DVDs can be bought from many Paintball websites.

    Paintball can be expensive. Here are things to consider:
    1) Do you want to play for a team or just play individually every now and then?
    2) Do you want to shoot a lot or make technical moves?
    3) Previous year's gear is often cheaper. Used gear is best if purchased from a reliable source. Ebay can be a good source, but ask the seller plenty of questions.
    4) Spyder-based and Tippmann guns are good and usually reliable, but electropneumatic Low pressurez guns are typically more accurate (less FPS fluctuation and come w/ better barrels) and faster (balls per second).
    5) Paint is cheap and just keeps getting cheaper. Tough thing with cheap paint is consistency, sometimes you'll get a awesome batch of cheap paint, but the next batch might suck. The most expensive paints are typically tougher to wipe, have more brittle shells, and rounder ball to ball -All good properties but not typically necessary for the starting player.
    6) Call your local paintball field. Find out if they are Field Paint Only (FPO).
    7) Invest in a good Thermal mask. Using a rental can be unsanitary and unsafe. Rental masks typically always fog. JT Thermal Spectras can be found for as low as $40 online.
    8) Purchase a High Pressure tank. A 48 cu, 3000psi steel tank can be found for as little as $80 online.

    Bring a disposable camera with you and take photos. The memories and experiences are priceless. Have fun.

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    ^^^Yes, Paintball is VERY expensive. That's why you don't see many hobos playing the sport lol


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      we could use the hobos as live targets
      Govenour Of Texas and all southern provinces. Kepper Of The Holy Woodchipper.


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        hmm... I like your thinking.....

        now I just need a hobo.....


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