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    how fragile are these paintballs?
    It's a gellitian shell,the same kind used for pharmacuticals.
    Delegate, MN GOP.

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      Thanks Guys
      Peter Williams

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        ADVICE. free advice.

        Paintball DVDs.

        Once you play, and realizing you have no knack on tactics or techniques, you may want to look into improving your game. Some good videos to recommend include:

        Operation Paintball: Total Dominance
        Get Better Faster (Featuring the LA Ironmen)
        Paintball: The Winning Concept (Featuring old school Ironmen)

        Some quick hints:
        1) Get over the pain factor. Expect to get hit, don't be a wimp about it and take it like a man. It will hurt and you may get overshot, but that's part of the game. If you whine about it, it will only further your lack of interest in the sport. If you take it like a man, you'll want to get better faster and learn from your mistakes.
        2) You only get better by shooting paint. If you hide the entire time and not play, how do you expect to get better? So don't forget to shoot, when you can shoot. Don't wait for that perfect shot, because you won't get it. Snipers don't play paintball, they snipe, and knowing the accuracy of the paintball (150 feet, 70% of the time if you're lucky and using a really good gun) there isn't a need to snipe. You just have to go out, find targets and gun them down or sit around and wait and get gunned down.
        3) 3-5 second rushes, drop and rolls do NOT work on paintball fields. Don't even think about it. Save the school house ITT crap for the basic trainees. You want to win? Then go to the spot with the best angles on the field. Have a buddy set an SBF to create a base of fire and you maneuver attacking across your opponents flank. Sure, it's a textbook TTP but often overlooked by the newbie player, for whatever reason everyone likes conducting frontal attacks on-line, that just makes it easy for the more experienced player to work the flank and have targets positioned ducks-in-a-row.

        Buying gear:
        Today's player either got hooked by the huge adrenaline rush they received and is now addicted to paintball like crack feigns are to crack or they tried it once or twice and decided it wasn't for him/her. If you realize this sport is for you and you want to trade in your $1000 golf clubs or $2000 mountain bike, then I wouldn't settle for a Spyder or a Tippmann. Don't do what I did and literally spend $10,000 on guns I eventually stopped using. Instead go with what I think is today's defacto KING of all GUNS.

        First let me put out a disclaimer. I'm not sponsored by WDP, nor am I advocating that the other 500 models of guns out there suck. What I'm about to say is based on the success I've had with this gun and the fact it truly never goes down.

        The gun of choice. IMHO is the WDP Angel Speed. And here is why:

        1) Lightweight compared to an Autococker or Automag. If you think its too heavy then I suggest getting a pull up bar and work out everyday until you can knock out 20 chinups without getting tired. That's what I did and now I think my gun is light as a feather.
        2) Maintenance is simple. Oil every once in awhile (3-4 cases) and keep it clean after every day of playing. I've shot over 16 cases of paint through my gun and I have yet to rebuild any internal major component, i.e. ram or LPR. I've had it since last October. (Although, I have had to change the Sensi Rod twice and the ball detents once.)
        3) Gun is field stripable- Cleaning the bolt and barrel is a piece of cake unlike a Shocker 03 or Tippmann or Spyder.
        4) Low Pressure. Very brittle paint friendly.
        5) Upgradeable. I prefer the Cobra fang trigger. Get it if you want true speed.
        6) Comes with a regulator and macroline. All you need is bottomline, (which I recommend a Check-it Unimount, if you plan on using a CO2 threaded HP bottle). Some of the newer Speeds came with the 3Sum Volumizer kit, A4 softface bolt, and locking feed collar, make sure you ask your dealer he has these newer Speeds in stock.
        7) As accurate as a cocker, or any other high end gun with good barrel system. I don't care what Facefull magazine or what Bud Orr says. I used cockers faithfully from '97 until last October when I realized my Speed is easier to maintain, faster, and just as accurate. I have both the Eblade and Racegun versions of the Autococker decked out to the max, even Turtlecocker modified -yet I prefer the Speed.
        8) The 90 degree grip allows me to play tighter to my bunker(s), thus showing a smaller profile to my opponents.
        9) Its freaking fast. 30 bps.
        10) Ball sensing technology (SENSI). Calibrate it right and it works like a charm.

        1) Mid-High Price. can sell you one for $870. Just ask for Robert. And you can try asking for a free EVO II, he may just throw one in. This is an outstanding price given the technology you are buying, but might be a lot for those guys with smaller budgets.
        2) Must use a Low Pressure (450psi) HP tank, 68 or 45/4500 are best.

        Your money is your money, so I can't tell you how to spend it, but I can tell you that if I were to do it all over again, I'd read this post, listen to it and save all my money and just buy the Angel Speed out of sheer faith alone and then realize it wasn't a mistake and the best move I ever made. A lot of people will tell you that it ain't the gun, its the player. Well, sure that is true to some extent, but if two players of equal abilities played against each other and one had the Spyder and the other had the Speed I'd guarantee you that 3 out of 5 times the guy with the Speed would win. (I owned two Spyders back in '96, by the way, they were my first Semi-auto guns, swore by them, until I tried out the cocker... um, no more tangents) Why 3 out of 5? Firepower. Sheer Firepower.

        Choose wisely and consider this recommendation. Any other gun questions I'd be happy to answer. I AM one of those guys that is addicted to paintball; like crack addicts are to crack (But I'm sure you saw that one coming). It's amazing I'm still married...


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          you can download some clips of paintball movies from very cool.


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