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  • Snipers

    On this issue of Snipers and Sniper rifles.

    In paintball, you have two types of sniper:

    1) The stupid kid who thinks it's cool to be the 'sniper' and tries to get one shot kills, letting everyone know where he is by shooting his one or two shots at long long range.

    2) The cool, calculating professional that carefully moves undetected, or with limited detection to an overwatch position where he can either a) ambush the enemy with a carefully placed burst of fire, or b) provide same fires to cover advancing infantry.

    There can't be the true sniper in paintball because of the inherent inaccuracies, and the fact that paintball guns all fire at the same velocity, or thereabouts.

    My question is thus, in Airsoft, is there any sort of special weapons system that actually makes the 1 shot 1 kill sniper an effective battlefield instrument, or is the term sniper just reserved for those with the ability to kill unseen, and used by those 'cult of sniper' punk kids that think they're good?
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    Gillie suits and 450 fps rifle would do the job for you. If you have automatic weapons, people put a limit of 400 fps so they won't kill each other by full autoing each other. Anyway airsoft BBs are much smaller then paintball, thus harder to see the ammo.


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      Furthermore, to pinpoint the accuracy even more, you use heavier BBs. Generally, people use .2 or .25 gram BBs for their automatic weapons (because they are cheap and easy to get), but for sniper, you use something like .29, .3, .35, .4, .5, and .55 gram BBsto ensure pinpoint accuracy in the distance.


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        True snipers don't translate well into airsoft; you just can't safely up the FPS on the gun to get that much extra kill distance, but for someone patient enough, it can give a few extra shots just outside the range where someone can shoot back.
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