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  • Where do you play?

    Hey everyone, airsofters or not this is going to be a nice place to find info for airsoft in this case where do you play the game.

    Now anyone can understand the difficulty of finding a place for a group of people that have guns that look exactly like real guns to shoot at each other without getting trouble from the police.

    I was just wondering where everyone plays as finding a field for a game has been a chronic problem for my group as we tend to really only be able to play at our friends property which is wicked fun but kind of a hassle.

    Some people play at paintball fields but thats not the best option.

    So where do you play?

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    All Canadian airsofters tune into It lists the upcoming skirmish, tournaments and such so it is very useful. Another place where you can play airsoft if you live in the Toronto and the GTA regions, you can go to a place called TTAC (Toronto Tactical Airsoft College) and play there any time. Rental airsoft is also available. Anyway this place is one of the best indoor airsoft field in this area. the only problem is that their indoor field is quite small so not many people cannot play so I would not recommend going to that place with like 20 friends.


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      Alas, there are not many large scale tournament locations very close to me. However, when my freinds and I get together and play. Just down the street from my freinds house there is a large wooded area, surrounded by dense foliage, it's only a five-six minute walk to get there from his house, yet it's well out of the way of houses and roads. It's a great play area. There's a two large hills, one large flat area, and deeper in there is a small, gentle hill, but it's covered with lots of very large, interesting rock formations and fallen trees that make for great cover and fortresses. Nearby there's a small open area, filled with tall grass, large dirt mounds and rock piles that makes for a pretty good play area, but we ushually stick more to the wooded sections. It's a pretty large zone, and because of the varied terrain, we can mess around with many different game types.
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        Me and my friends just go in to the woods and play


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          Here's a link to my brother's group (I don't play). Drop them a line if you are around Vancouver-ish.

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