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The Martial Artist and the Prostitute

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  • The Martial Artist and the Prostitute

    It was a late evening when some friends of the Ip Man invited him to a restaurant at Fa On Chai (Eagle Beak Sands, Foshan). They were drinking but they were also talking about different interesting abilities of different people, when one of the friends of the Ip Man started talking about a prostitute who was able to withstand three punches to her stomach, but the prostitute had a condition for the ones who did not believe. The condition was that if anyone could beat her she would let them to sleep with her free, but if they could not she would ask ten ounces of white gold. Now it costs about five hundred dollars. This story made the Ip Man laugh, but then another friend added that he heard that the prostitute came from the north, and she knew Hard Qigong. He also added that the woman trained her stomach so when she concentrated on het Dantien [the area below the navel] it became very strong, as strong as the piece of iron.

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