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History of Martial Arts

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  • History of Martial Arts

    arious legends of the origin of the forms of Martial Art, Wing Chun were shared from one generation to another one in an oral form and were not written anywhere. As there are no written proofs, it is actually very hard to confirm the exact facts of how the Wing Chun Art was created. A lot of people tried to comprehend the origin comparing all kinds of Martial Art to one another and other people decided that the best way to figure out everything was to go inner into Art and see everything through the poses and moves.
    Wing Chun began to be independent in the period, when Leung Jan, a very famous teacher of Wing Chun lived, and who allowed the history to have more branches and actually verified some data.

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    Warm Welcome to the forums andrewsmith.

    Intersting maidenpost. After a life time of martial arts, Wing Tsun remains one of my favorites.

    You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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      Wing Chung is very fundamental to the martial arts.

      It eliminates the complicated animal forms of Kung Fu and focuses on a practical self defense system.

      Very progressive for its time!
      Battles are dangerous affairs... Wang Hsi


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