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Range Day ~~~ Double Tap, or Not

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    So... how did the "double-tap" training go?
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      Originally posted by The Exorcist View Post
      So... how did the "double-tap" training go?
      Actually, didn't do that much of it. So seldom get out to practice that doing basic marksmanship filled most of the time. Double-tap is tricky because of the recoil/retort of the first round fired, recovery back to target can be a challenge. Most of the handgun shooting tended to be single fire, though there were some closely timed(spaced) shots.

      There was also a good selection of handgun types and calibers to practice with, so that also affected training some. For example, I usually carry a Kahr 9mm so did a lot of shooting with it to work up accuracy and speed. Also, my son loaned us his Walther P-38 which is a WWII manufacture so it was fun to shoot a 70 year old design and piece. It feels comfortable and shoots well, was a lot of fun.

      My Taurus (same as a Smith and Wesson) .357 with the six inch barrel was one of the more favorite ones to shoot. Despite looking like a "hand cannon" (Dirty Harry) it actually is a smooth recoil and easy to fire and hit target with, not to mention the longer reach than most pistols.

      Both I and another chap happen to bring Glock 22; .40 cal. and this also is a fun and ease to handle/fire weapon. It's a bit bulkier for CC than the Kahr, so I don't pack it as often as I'd prefer.

      After a few hours on pistol range, we moved over to the long-gun range. One of the "hits" here was the Savage .308 with 'monster' scope that my son loaned us. Reaches out there with good accuracy, once you get a feel for it.

      Here's an interesting article of a related note;
      Letís Stop Fighting About Caliber And Focus On Accuracy


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