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A Question for Duncan and Kendoka Girl (and any other duellists)

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  • A Question for Duncan and Kendoka Girl (and any other duellists)

    I've never had the opportunity to do fencing or kendo but I've always enjoyed watching it. And I had a question for those familiar with it.

    I am curious, what would you all say is the defining difference in technique and discipline between fencing and kendo? How do the two arts differ beyond the obvious difference in the weapon. Or is there much of a difference? Could the fighting techniques of kendo be applied to an epee, or vice versa?

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    Can't help you. Don't know much about Kendo I'm afraid. About fencing. I would say that it is not a way of fighting but a sport. It is guided by rules that restrict what can be done. The closest form of fencing to 'real dueling' is probably epee because the stiffer weapon limits the 'gamey' shots, such as a flick, and the entire body is a target. Also it is not restricted by right of way rules - as is necessary in foil. Foil is modelled after small sword dueling where only lethal hits are considerred - groin to throat. Epee is modelled after rapier fighting when too many important people were dying in duels and fights to the death were made illegal. So it was first blood that mattered - the entire body is a target. Saber is modeled after fighting on horseback and only touches from the waist up count - and you can score with the point or edge. However, the way it is done now it is still a matter of touching first - rather than touching without being touched as a true duel (and the few remaining Classical French instructors) would emphasise.

    I think that comparing the two is kind of like comparing football and soccer. Both involve putting a ball across a goal but...

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      Kendo would be more akin to "sabre" technique than "epee" technique. It's a difference in slashing versus piercing.
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        If my opponent has a blade, I want a firearm.

        If my opponent has a stick, I want a firearm.

        If my opponent has a firearm, I want the USMC.

        ...just my 2 concerning dueling.


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          ...boogers at three paces...
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            Duncan and Paul sum it up very well.

            One is much more a martial art; Kendo, than Fencing which is a sport, not a martial art. Historical fencing, such as I've seen displays of, which seeks to use weapons and techniques simmilar to those of the renaissance is probably the closest that fencing gets to being a martial art.
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