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WW2 maps

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  • WW2 maps

    I would like to express my interest in
    historical ww 2 maps hoping to find others with the
    same view. Believe it or not but the interest seems to exist.(maps and military history)

    On the site I upload maps of interest. Eventual discussion is in my file barbarossa map-41 at (The TOAW editor is a great tool for map making)
    Perhaps the dialog could also be in this file.
    The old TOAW barbarossa file I had at WHQ was often visited.
    Interest is in types of maps. Who used them?Airforce maps or for ground forces? Purpose?
    With or without notation of forces. Tactically -strategically ,Type of grid. Scales. Projections.Vegetation or heights or both,
    Differences between countries. Historical importence of maps etc.
    My maps are mostly german but I have american,english, russian and italian.
    They are geographically orientated as main purpose.
    I only scan original old maps in my collection. Otherwise giving links to sites with maps.
    The uploaded maps are not to be used commercially or to be spread.
    Just for Your own interest or for map making
    of game scenarios. GoranW
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    I have the same interest.

    Personally I like the marked maps where you can see the disposition of the forces.
    I work on many map projects and I will finish them as an article with map presentation. (David M. Glantz's mapseries are my model, but with much finer maps (using Toaw or my own mapgenerator program) and better OOB and more detailed info on units.

    The first and most well-researched by me, will be the dec 20. 1944-feb 15. 1945 Hungary (particulary Dunántúl) where one of the most vivid operations were. Many attacks and counter-attacks to capture and/or relieve Budapest, many cities changed ownership 4-5 times. Around 2-300 destroyed German (mostly in SS tank divisions) tanks (many Tigers) and about 1200 destroyed Soviet tanks. These numbers were produced when the Ardennes offensive was in action!!

    These wild battles' best representation is map series, and I love to make them!
    a brain cell


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      Oh some interesting on Hungarian maps.
      The maps' grid used in 1944-45 are stereographic system with Budapest and Marosvásárhely centered (Marosvásárhely for Transylvania). The grids are 1 km wide and 1 km long squares in the maps.
      I have the whole Hungarian mapset (copied in the Map Archive of the Military Archive).
      I have the German marked mapset for the Hungarian operations (1944 Sep-1945 march) (thousands of map-pages) with the big help of David M. Glantz.
      I have many Hungarian marked maps, too.
      a brain cell


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        Hi Laszlo! Thanks for Your answer.I have noticed You are an expert in this field.Your project is very interesting.

        The base for my " research" is german military maps = mostly reworked from international maps or "BeuteKarten" (= maps taken from the enemy ) on military order.
        These maps were named "Truppenausgabe "or "Sonderausgabe". From -42 just HeeresKarten.
        The main line are in scale 1: 300 000 covering 2 longitudes and 1 latitude. Deutsche Heeresgitter replaced other grids.
        In higher commands 6 such maps were joined to 1 map.
        For strategic overview maps in scale 1 : 1 000 000 were used.
        They covered 12 long and 11 lat or if
        drawn wide instead of high 16 long and 8 lat.
        Reworked from the international civilian world map in that scale and put together to big maps.
        Of course other scales were also used ex 1: 500 000 ,1: 100 000 and 1: 50 000.
        The conclusions I have drawn are not all real facts but also guesses.Therefore I would like to
        here corrections. The base for my conclusions is
        the complete map archive from a higher command
        in Armegruppe Süd that I to my surprise managed to
        get hold of.


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          is that mean you have the Heeresgruppe Süd marked mapset?

          Anyway I heard that in BAMA there are very big situation/disposition maps in long rows. Have you been there? Maybe they can help how these maps were used.

          a brain cell


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            Hi! With higher command I only mean a command with
            a certain strategic map need. Some maps are printed with Führungskarte and Nur für höhere Stäbe.Others are Befestigungskarten and "Beutekarten". I dont know if that points in a certain direction.Most maps are those I described earlier.The officer related must have served in a command belonging to AGS and the maps were hold as one unity.
            I dont think the maps are from AGS more direct.
            In such a case I probably had had no chance to get them. Goran


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              On my site I have uploaded a beautiful italian
              military map of Sicilia from feb -41. Goran


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                2 maps uploaded on my site. Scanned in A3.
                1 Strategy map from Us -41 east Europe scale 1: 4.8 milj and 2. Part of a German map of Ukraina
                prob -43 and scale 1: 3.3 milj. Goran


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                  a brain cell


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                    Your site is a marvel GoranW, good job!
                    “Die in peace my brothers, but die quietly, so that we hear nothing but the faintest echo of your suffering…”


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                      Part of Operationskarte Russland Blatt 2 loaded. More inf at Barbarossa map-41 file at Goran


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                        What's the site's address? I can't seem to find it.....


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                          gimme gimme gimme! where is it?


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                            Barbarossamap-41 file at is the base.
                            My site is at as mentioned in the first notation in this thread.


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                              Originally posted by goranw
                              My site is at as mentioned in the first notation in this thread.
                              Thanks, now I see it


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