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Really Good World Historicial Maps

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  • Really Good World Historicial Maps

    The website found in the link below has a great collection of maps that cover the whole world.

    If you scroll down the home page a little bit, the maps and indexed chronologically and by continent.

    Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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    You also might try here as well:
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      Originally posted by dongar1 View Post
      Hyperwar: World War II on the World Wide Web
      Hyperwar, Whats New
      World War II Resources
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        Originally posted by dongar1 View Post
        You also might try here as well:
        Whoa.... What an amazing resource. I'll be there for days. Thanks much for sharing this.


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          I love maps


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            Looks like this could swallow quite a lot of time,thanks.
            Wack tac mac hey.


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              Have the UTexas or EmersonKent sites added anything new lately?


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                Temp. home, rather than a new thread ...
                This Wacky World Map Just Won Japan's Biggest Design Award
                The centuries-old Mercator projection is a notoriously inaccurate world map. For one thing, Greenland isn’t the massive land mass as shown on the map. But a new map by artist and architect Hajime Narukawa offers what’s possibly the most proportional map we’ve ever seen.
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                  Fascinating stuff:-many thanks.
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                    Incredible site!

                    Do you guys think the Mercator projection would be ever replaced by this Narukawa's design?

                    This puts into scene how important are maps as a functional tool for presenting specific information, which depends of what you want to extract/show from/in them, not linked to a strictly geo-positionated reference.


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                      Here's another interesting approach;

                      Dymaxion map
                      The Dymaxion map or Fuller map is a projection of a world map onto the surface of an icosahedron, which can be unfolded and flattened to two dimensions. The flat map is heavily interrupted in order to preserve shapes and sizes.

                      The projection was invented by Buckminster Fuller. The March 1, 1943 edition of Life magazine included a photographic essay titled "Life Presents R. Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion World". The article included several examples of its use together with a pull-out section that could be assembled as a "three-dimensional approximation of a globe or laid out as a flat map, with which the world may be fitted together and rearranged to illuminate special aspects of its geography."[1] Fuller applied for a patent in the United States in February 1944, the patent application showing a projection onto a cuboctahedron. The patent was issued in January 1946.[2]

                      The 1954 version published by Fuller, made with co-cartographer Shoji Sadao, the Airocean World Map, used a modified but mostly regular icosahedron as the base for the projection, which is the version most commonly referred to today. This version depicts the Earth's continents as "one island", or nearly contiguous land masses.
                      Fuller intended the map to be unfolded in different ways to emphasize different aspects of the world.[5] Peeling the triangular faces of the icosahedron apart in one way results in an icosahedral net that shows an almost contiguous land mass comprising all of Earth's continents – not groups of continents divided by oceans. Peeling the solid apart in a different way presents a view of the world dominated by connected oceans surrounded by land.
                      The world on a Dymaxion projection, with 15° graticule

                      The Dymaxion projection with Tissot's indicatrix of deformation.

                      The world is flattened into a Dymaxion map as it unfolds into an icosahedron net with nearly contiguous land masses

                      This icosahedral net shows connected oceans surrounding Antarctica

                      An icosahedron: This is the shape onto which the world map is projected before unfolding

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                        Small post for future reference - thanks for posting.
                        Lambert of Montaigu - Crusader.

                        Bolgios - Mercenary Game.


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                            Thanks for sharing Compass Rose. I have bookmarked it to my favorites.
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                              23 charts and maps that show the world is getting much, much better

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