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USS Iowa BB-61 Museum opening

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  • USS Iowa BB-61 Museum opening

    The USS Iowa Battleship museum will be opening to the public on 7th of July 2012. The website is:


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    She still looks beautiful after more than seventy years! Let's hope the next big ship saved is the SS United States.

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      Excellent! I was just at the USS New Jersey a few days ago.




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        Pacific Battleship Museum ~ USS Iowa

        On July 7, 2012, the USS Iowa battleship opened its decks to visitors in the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro. The battleship, commissioned by the Navy for World War II, will now serve as a museum.

        The museum drew 3,000 visitors on opening day, even though only 15% of the ship is open to the public. There will be more access by 2015. The museum needs 200,000 annually to break even for expenses. They are off to a good start, over 1,000 people have signed on as volunteers.

        Credit: Pacific Battleship Center

        The USS IOWA battleship made its final voyage to its new home in the Port of Los Angeles last week and Wargaming America has been hard at work creating virtual battle scenarios for future USS IOWA visitors to enjoy. The battleship is set to become a museum this July, and Wargaming is bringing its history to life by creating a bridge experience and an aerial combat game that will live on the ship and showcase its firepower and aerial defenders in action.In the ship’s below-deck digital theater, Wargaming America will offer a virtual video experience from the bridge recreating the ship’s role in supporting the American landings at Okinawa, Japan, in 1945. Visitors will see the ship’s impressive turrets as its 16-inch guns rotate and fire at their targets.
        In addition, Wargaming is developing a game room on board the ship that will put visitors in Grumman F6F Hellcat warplanes to defend the USS IOWA from attack by Japanese Zeros. There will be 15 stations to defend from.

        Only about 15% of the ship is currently open to the public. Visitors are funneled down a single route that passes through a wardroom where officers ate and relaxed, around the vessel's upper decks and through the captain's quarters that once hosted Roosevelt.

        Kent said that additional renovations are ongoing and that by 2015, there will be five different tours and about 95% of the ship will be open to the public.

        Museum organizers have previously said they anticipated 450,000 visitors annually, but as he stood at the top of the gangplank Saturday, Kent said the goal was 200,000.,1030228.story
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          USS Missouri Iowa Class


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            Originally posted by BB-61 View Post
            The USS Iowa Battleship museum will be opening to the public on 7th of July 2012. The website is:

            I was attached to CG-51 when she rushed to render assistance after the turret explosion; just one more thing to make me feel like an old dinosaur!
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              I was able to see the Wisconsin BB-64 in Norfork. The turret doors were opened and the 20" armor protection was an amazing site to see. They had just opened the Wisconsin up as a museum ship and there was little topside restriction. Everyone, including kids, were able to climb up to the 04 or 05 level. I doubt that policy is in effect today.


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                Was any thought given to having the Iowa placed in San Diego right next to the USS Midway. But a nice ship just the same.


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                  One damn great ship, I've been on the Mo, The Iowa is now on my bucket list.
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