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  • Trip to Berlin

    Just back from spending a few days in Berlin & WWII wise there are certainly some interesting sites to visit.

    I took the Third Reich Tour with Berlin Walks

    I saw

    Goebbels' Propaganda Ministry; Goering’s Air Ministry (Luftwaffe Headquarters); the remains of Himmler’s SS and Gestapo (secret police) Headquarters:

    Also the car park that beneath which was Hitler's Bunker & where he shot himself.

    Also did the Sachenhausen Concentration Camp one which was interesting but not entertaining obviously.

    Did the Potsdam Tour which while primarily about the Palaces around Potsdam but also incl a visit to the building where the 'Big Three' met in June/July 1945 to settle the post War division of Germany, Poland and Austria.

    + we got to see the simple grave of Frederick the Great

    On my last day there I also nipped out to see the building where the final surrender document of the War in Europe was signed

    - something else to stand in that room where the War ended on 9 May 1945.

    They also have a T34, JSII and other AVFs + soviet artillery pieces on show in the grounds.

    If your ever in Berlin all these sites are worth checking out.

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