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    A little castle that stands not far from Heidelberg, Mannheim, and Darmstadt is “Burg Lindenfels”, deep in the hills east of Bensheim.

    In the 8th century, Charlemagne granted this land to the Abbey at Lorsch (nearby and also worth a visit). There was a cornerstone here to indicate the limit of the abbey’s lands, marked by a group of linden trees. It is from this that the town & castle get their name.

    Sometime during the early 11th century, the first fortifications were built on the hill where the castle now stands. Historians believe it built at the order of the abbey’s steward (Vogt), Berthold von Hohenberg.

    In 1123, a man named Berthold called himself “Comes der Lindenfels” -- he is the same man who built the first fortification for the abbey. In 1156, he died childless & Lindenfels passed to Pfalzgraf Konrad von Staufen, the brother of Emperor Friedrich I. In the latter half of the 12th century, Pfalzgraf Konrad built the second (current) castle.

    After the Abbey at Lorsch was absorbed into the Archbishopric of Mainz, there was a dispute over the lands involving all the major powers in the area. Eventually, the castle passed to Duke Heinrich von Sachsen, who awarded it to Markgraf Hermann von Baden.

    Pfalzgraf Ludwig II stole the castle back in 1277 AD from the Margrave’s sons. It remained in the hands of his family until 1803.

    In 1503/4, the castle was taken, but not destroyed, by Landgraf Wilhelm II von Hessen as part of the War of the Bavarian-Palatine Succession. It was ultimately demolished, as so many castles were, in the Thirty Years War.

    This is a great little castle to visit. It costs 50 pfennigs to get in. You pay at the little drink & snack shop on the castle grounds. It’s a pleasant drive in the hills to get there & the view is spectacular.


    Photo is of the interior of the castle
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    Wow! How do you "steal" a Castle?!

    Great write-up, as ever Janos.

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