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U.N. Cemetery, Pusan (Busan) Korea

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  • U.N. Cemetery, Pusan (Busan) Korea

    Pusan Korea has a United Nations Cemetery containing the remains of war dead from most of the participating nations. It's a bit of a walk from the subway stop, but worthwhile for anyone interested in the Korean War or their nation's participation. As I recall, the French section contains 44 graves, six of which are North African muslims. Reminds one of the line to the famous poem which runs: "French not by accident of birth, but by the blood they shed." (Par le sang verse) The Commonwealth section is impressive. First there is a handsome monument to those whose remains were not recovered, listing their regiments, and second, the layout of the cemetery places the Turks and Aussies "to the right of the line", which is the traditional place of honor in any military parade. The cemetery sits on a slight knoll, and the Aussie piece of the Commonwealth section is just below the Turkish, reminding one of their respective positions in Gallipoli. The Australians also list the ages of their dead on their tombstones, and one notes that these were soldiers with a probable average age of 26 years. Hardly young recruits, which is why the Aussies may have had such a solid reputation. Reviewing the names of the majority of Commonwealth dead, and one can easily buy into the legend of the Celts as Britain's warrior tribes. Irish and Scotch names appear to predominate. There is also a sculpture garden to the back of the cemetery. Anyway, if anyone visits Busan (modern romanization), the U.N. Cemetery is an interesting piece of military history, and well worth a visit.
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