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French Cavalry museum at Saumur

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  • French Cavalry museum at Saumur

    Visited the above museum last month. Unfortunately much of it was closed.
    It also pays to establish the correct times of their being open, since my wife ( who speaks French perfectly ) rang to ask them their hours and was given totally incorrect information ). As a Brit I did find that the French had heavily altered military history in their favour to the extent of their being prortayed as having never lost a battle let alone a war, but there is no charge for entry so one cannot complain, especially since many of the displays are very striking ( my ten year old daughter was transfixed by the breastplate worn by one officer who fought at Sedan and who was very cleanly beheaded by a shell fragment which neatly clipped off the top half inch of his cuirass- she also liked the displays of dragoon helmets that had musket balls pass right through both sides without wouncing their occupants ! There are also a couple of tanks on display ( an M10 and an M4) but they are several hundreds of metres away on the parade ground.

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    Got any pics?
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      Official website of the Musée de la Cavalerie.
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