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New pics at ACG - Duxford Air Museum.

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  • New pics at ACG - Duxford Air Museum.

    This notice has been posted separately in the Free-Fire Zone, World War II and and Battlefields and Museums Forums.

    Following on from an earlier photo tour of Bovington Tank Museum that I wrote up for the ACG website, I thought you chaps here might be interested in seeing the report and photos of the latest visit my friend and I have undertaken - Duxford Air Museum in Cambridgeshire.

    Duxford Air Museum - Photo Tour.

    If you are interested in aerial warfare of any age, there should be something here to interest you.

    Hope you enjoy the pictures.


    Dr. S.
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    YES! The return of 'Roach'!

    Very well done, both of you.

    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!


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