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  • Museums too?

    Really not a place/thread/forum to recommend interesting, well-hidden museums devoted to military I'll drop it here and see what happens.

    I really enjoy since it is in my own backyard is the 1st Infantry Div Museum located on the grounds of Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL. (about 30 miles west of Chicago). It traces the history of the 1st from the American Rev war through WW1 (great trench display) then WW2 (barracks, N Africa, Omaha, Bulge displays to walk through) to Vietnam then Desert Storm.

    The park also has a display of various tanks and AFV/Arty in the yard and is well maintained by the park. Museum is free but park access is $7. Its worth it when coupled with concerts and great re-enactment in Sept of American rev encampment.

    Look for Cantigny Park on the web.

    (Hopefully the moderators will expand this forum to include non-battlefield sites to visit (or stay away from).


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    That's something on my list, Tim, just a few more things ahead of it.

    Wouldn't happen to have a website for this museum, eh?
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      Cantigny Park 1st Division

      Here's the link to the site:

      You have to navigate to the 1st Division Museum thru this link

      Cantigny Park is the estate of Col. McCormick (-10pts spelling) who was a member of the 1st Div in World War 1 and then publisher of the Chicago Tribune,

      Besides the great museum the estate has the mansion, formal gardens and various programs and concerts through the summer.

      On of the better concerts (from a military POV) is the late summer DuPage Symphony who performs the "!812 Overture" with canons supplied by Taylor's Battery-an American Civil War reenactors unit from Chicago Area.

      The park also hosts a very well recieved re-enactment-encampment of the American Revolution unter the Northwest Territorial Alliance (NWTA) guidance.



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        Tim, thanks for the subliminal suggestion

        I have changed the title to Battlefields AND Museums as that makes a lot more sense!
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          I love it when a plan comes together

          Ok, now my next part of my simple, yet cunning plan is to have ArmChair General Magazine do an annual map/article on what/where all these museums are located.....with the web-links, brief discriptions and events.

          I really do enjoy the magazine and feel that it has a great balance for the various facets of the military history "buffs".



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            One obvious place to see is the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, within the limits of the city of Dayton. Some installations also have museums of varying size, A new museum, opening this summer is the Minuteman Missile Memorial Site, about 30 miles east of Rapid City, South Dakota. Though not a museum, the Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado, is worth a visit. I am certain that the US Military Academy, West Point, NY, also has a museum, and certainly other areas of historical interest.
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              Alot of Canada's museums are in Ottawa. We have a pretty descent Air museum and an antiquated War museum but a new one is being built right now and it is supposed to be awesome!!

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                Aviation Theme Park

                Another aviation facility is the Kalamazoo "Air Zoo" located at the SE corner of the Kalamazoo Airport. It had a wonderful clying collections of WW2 and later aircraft...and a restored WACO(?) Glider.

                At one time they had a section of the facility reserved for the battle of Guadacanal (-10 spelling) but not sure what they have done since the expansion.

                The museum is growing through a multi-million dollar growth adding an "Aviation Theme Park" across the street from the facility.

                I really have not been there in the last few years but from what I have read it does sound like it is going "big-time".




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                  Originally posted by dannybou
                  Alot of Canada's museums are in Ottawa. We have a pretty descent Air museum and an antiquated War museum but a new one is being built right now and it is supposed to be awesome!!
                  One of the better aviation museums in Canada is located right across the street from my place in Trenton, Ontario.
                  If I was able to get a hold of a digital camera, i could post some pics.
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