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  • Must See Battlefields in US

    Anyone got good advice for civil war battlefields to see in the US? I have only been to Gettysburg (10+ times), Spotsvanyila (twice), Antietam and Harper's Ferry.

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    I have been to several, Antietam, Sabine Pass, Mansfield, Harper's Ferry and Appomattox. Antietam had the most to do and Sabine Pass the least. The actual fort site is gone at Sabine Pass as they dredged out ship channels to the Port Arthur oil refineries. They did build a couple of covered picnic tables though. If I ever get my health back enough to do some walking, Vicksburg and Gettysburg sound interesting. There are several battle sites off old HWY 90 from New Iberia I have not seen yet.

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      The Valley Campaigns of '62 and '64 are worth visiting. One could spend a week in and around Richmond.
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        Thanks guys! I did enjoy my trip to Virginia in 2016 (I live in Western Pennsylvania) so maybe I will run down there again in the near future after all this stuff dies down.

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