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    This is CV's backyard.
    "Ask not what your country can do for you"

    Left wing, Right Wing same bird that they are killing.

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      Wow, that's really beautiful!


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        Imperial War Museum
        National Army Museum
        Frontier Army Museum
        Wilson's Creek
        Mine Creek
        Pea Ridge
        Shiloh/Pittsburg Landing
        West Point
        Portsmouth Docks/ HMS Victory
        Stratford on Avon
        St. Paul's cathedral...and many more that I can't recall at the moment
        And it's over the mountain and over the Main,
        Through Gibralter, to France and Spain.
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          Spotsylvania Courthouse
          New Market
          Kennesaw Mountain
          New Museum of the Marine Corps
          USS Midway
          Flying Leatherneck Museum
          New England Air Museum
          Muesum of the Confederacy
          US Air Force Museum
          USS Intrepid
          Museum of Civil War Life
          Naval Aviation Museum
          Fort Moultrie
          Museum at West Point
          West Point Cemetary
          Mystic Seaport
          USS Massechussetts
          Semper Fi


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            USS Arizona/Missouri/Bowfin
            Imperial War Museum
            Cabinet War Rooms
            Portsmouth Docks
            HMAS Onslow
            Australian National Maritime Museum
            Air Force Museum (New Zealand)
            USS Texas
            HMS Belfast
            Tower of London
            USS Constitution
            Bunker Hill
            USS Cassin Young
            Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
            Arlington Cemetary


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              Are we only talking battlefields? Heck, I live on one -- Fredericksburg Battlefield -- so I "visit" one every day. There are numerous battlefields within a short distance: Chancellorsville, Wilderness, Salem Church, North Anna, and dozens of little ones. I work every day at Quantico Marine Base at the site of a Confederate battery that interdicted river traffic on the Potomac in 1862. I visited all of those sites this year. Also this year, I also went to Petersburg (5 Forks), Reims Station, Richmond, Averasboro, Bentonville, and Moores Creek battlefields as well as Garrett's barn and Bowling Green, Va. I also went to Guinea Station (where Stonewall died) 2x this year.

              In previous years, I lived in Europe where nearly every rock has been fought over for hundreds of years*. The town I lived in, Parsberg, was defended successfully in the Thirty Years War--a neighboring town, Lupburg, was destroyed. Regensburg, where I went to church, was taken from the Romans three times before a legionary camp was built there to defend it. I also took my son to Seelow Heights a few years ago. The limes, a short 30 minute drive south of my house, was Rome's main defensive barrier in Germany. The areas that I visited in Bosnia had also seen many wars and raids over the centuries.

              I also lived in Baghdad, which has been fought over many, many times -- in fact, we were doing the same thing when I was there! Ditto for Babylon, which I also visited, Basrah and Kuwait.

              I also visited South Korea, and saw positions in Seoul and Kanghwa Island that had been fought over in the Korean War and the Mongol invasions, respectively.

              As for museums, I just got back from the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond last weekend, and also visited the Museum of the Marine Corps several times this year (it's right outside the gate where I work) as well as the Holocaust Museum, the Smithsonian, and Spotsylvania's Civil War Life Museum. Among the best outside the US that I have visited are Stockholm's history museum, on an island in that city, and the Korean Military Museum in Seoul.

              I nmy lifetime, I've also been to Sharpsburg, Gettysburg (going back there this spring), Vicksburg (worth the visit), Fort Donelson, and dozens of old cavalry forts out west, many of which are still in use (e.g., Fort Leavenworth). I've also been to the infamous prison at Fort Delaware and was a guest speaker at Camp Douglas (for the Confederate POW Society, when I was Deputy Commandant-in-Chief).

              *This thread, if I understand it correctly, breaks down overseas, where there is a far longer military history, when we speak about battlefields we have visited.
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                One place I forgot to mention was that I crossed the river (southward) into Canada at Detroit a decade or so ago with my wife and son. We visited some old fort in that area (south of Windsor). It was interesting because during the tour, the park ranger-type guy mentioned that "the enemy came across from over there"...and then I realized that the enemy was US!
                Barcsi János ispán vezérőrnagy
                Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2003 & 2006

                "Never pet a burning dog."



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                  I gotta play

                  As far as overseas spots my list is pretty long.
                  Carentan- Dead Mans Corner
                  Brecourt Manor
                  St Mere Eglise all the other little villages that Easy was in
                  All the Market Garden Bridges and some of the drop zones of 101st and 82nd
                  Hells highway
                  Eagles Nest

                  Many can read about it here.

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                    Might as well add Kyoto, Japan to my list.

                    Nijo Castle was a castle built by one of the Emperors to house visiting Shoguns. It was very utilitarian for its purpose but was probably more dressed up in its time. Sadly no pictures were allowed in the interior because of paintings from the 16th Century on the walls, they wouldn't even open the outer paper wall for fear of the sun fading all the paint work.
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