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Modern Day Marine Military Exposition Set for Tuesday

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  • Modern Day Marine Military Exposition Set for Tuesday

    "...It will be the 27th annual edition of the world’s largest military equipment and systems exposition focusing on enhanced capabilities for expeditionary forces.
    "Exhibits at this year’s exposition will fill covered display areas directly in front of the Marine Corps Base’s headquarters building, Lejeune. Outdoor exhibit space for larger pieces of equipment will also be located there. Visitors will be able to see the latest in equipment and technology now in service as well as video presentations, models or prototypes of items soon to become available for use in combat and combat support operations. Defense contractors from around the world will be present with their companies’ products and services, ready to discuss their products and respond to questions."


    I went yesterday and did a quick zip through (looting and pillaging vendor souvenirs as I went). There was a ton of good stuff -- lots of guns, knives (even machetes -- they must have known I was coming!), uniforms, trucks, amphibs, ammo...even flashlights and maintenance equipment. As usual, R Lee Ermey was there (I got to shake his hand).

    If you're in the area, stop by today or tomorrow and check this out -- it's worth the trip! (Remember that you need to be able to get on the base -- military or contractor ID will be required!)
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