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ACW Border Wars - Google Earth coords...

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  • ACW Border Wars - Google Earth coords...

    FWIW... the latitude an longitude for checking out some of the Border Wars battlefields in google earth.

    You can see photos in the ACW threads ...
    and in the Border Wars thread.

    Battle of Little Blue battlefield... 39° 8'2.73"N 94°18'49.82"W

    Battle of Westport...

    Byram's Ford... 39° 0'59.46"N 94°31'11.67"W
    the cannon is currently at 39° 0'53.24"N 94°31'36.24"W

    Shelby's Lines Late morning... 39° 1'40.93"N 94°35'40.97"W (cannon in oose Park)

    Shelby's Grave... 39° 0'0.83"N 94°34'7.77"W

    Battle of Lexington
    Anderson House... 39° 11'27.06"N 93°50'88.77"W
    Line & graves loop 39° 11'29.59"N 39°52'42.22"W

    Higginsville - Quantrill's Grave... 39° 5'55.15"N 93°43'48.82"W

    Battle of Lone Jack - Museum and Cemetery... 38°51'55.17"N 94°10'23.23"W
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