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    Mont Ormel Memorial

    At conferences of Teheran then Yalta, Churchill and Roosevelt had generously given up Eastern Europe to Stalin, and Poland was yielded to the Soviets. Whereas presenting the bill for lend-lease equipment to polish governement in exile, British governement obeyed the demands of communists and prevented Poles from participation in the victory parade of 1946…

    The First Armoured Division was dissolved in 1947. Demobilized, the few of its soldiers who turned over to Poland was often persecuted for their “anticommunism”. The great majority choosed to remain in exile.

    It is the case of Maczek. Not belonging to the British army, he could get any retirement from british government and became barman in Edinburgh. He died there on December 11th, 1994, when 102 years old. He lived long enough to witness the fall of the iron curtain and the departure of russian troops stationed in Poland. He is buried in Polish War Cemetery in Breda, Netherlands, among his men fallen during the '44-45 automn.

    With its headquaters in Swietoszow, close to the German border, the 10th Polish armoured cavalry brigade holds today the living tradition of Maczek troops.
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